21 According To Muhammad Al-bukhari, Muslim Bin Al-hajjaj Nishapuri And Ahead Bin Hanbal, Muhammad Approved Of The Hijama Cupping Treatment.

The.irst.ocumented.ses are found in the teachings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad . 21 According to Muhammad al-Bukhari, Muslim bin al-Hajjaj Nishapuri and ahead bin Hanbal, Muhammad approved of the Hijama cupping treatment. 22 A number of hadith support its recommendation and use by Muhammad. Cataracts cause a clouding of the lens inside the eye -- resulting in blurred vision. What is ACE Massage cupping Therapy? In August The Wall Street Journal reported on the multitude of bets players using cupping . Glass cups were easier to make than the brass or iron cups that were sometimes used as sturdy substitutes for the others; further, one could see the skin within the cup and evaluate the degree of response.  The beers Papyrus, written c. 1550 BC and one of the oldest medical textbooks in the Western world, describes the Egyptians ' use of cupping, while mentioning similar practices employed by Saharan peoples . The premise behind the practice is still used by neurosurgeons today to reduce swelling and pressure in the brain before, or after, surgery. However, the American Cancer Society notes that “available scientific evidence does not support claims that cupping has any health benefits” and also that the treatment carries a small risk of burns. 2 Cupping is generally safe when done by trained health professionals on people who are otherwise healthy. 7 It is not recommended in people with health problems due to side effects. 7 Cupping is not recommended as a replacement for typical treatment. 7 Cupping may result in bruising, burns, pain, or skin infection. 7 Research suggests that cupping is harmful, especially in people who are thin or obese. citation needed According to Jack Faso 1997, cupping results in capillary expansion, excessive fluid accumulation in tissues, and the rupture of blood vessels. 8 Fire Cupping can sometimes result in minor to severe burns, and can lead to hospitalization and may even require skin grafting to repair the injury. Some say the technique increases blood flow and helps a person’s sore muscles heal. “You would blood let if you have too much blood,” says Totelin. Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite. Many people died from mercury poisoning, rather than the disease it was meant to cure. With air cupping, an alternative to fire cupping, a hand-held suction pump is used to remove air from the cups, creating the vacuum without heat. “There were different plants you can give dependant on which area you live in,” says Stein. Traditional cupping, with use of heated cups, also has some similarity to moxibustion therapy.  This treatment is thought to dispel internal toxins. One very common area to be cupped is the back, although cups work well on other areas, too — particularly on fleshy sections of the body.

Today, cupping is mainly recommended for the treatment of pain, gastrointestinal disorders, lung diseases especially chronic cough and asthma, and paralysis, though it can be used for other disorders as well.  Later on brass, ceramic, bamboo cups were used.” Many people died from mercury poisoning, rather than the disease it was meant to cure.